Outpost Cafe

We have a new favourite hang-out, the family and I.  For awhile, our neighbourhood has been a bit of a dead zone in terms of places to hang-out.  So I tend to walk 15 or 20 minutes over to the next nearest “high” street.  But no longer – we now have our own neighbourhood cafe.  It’s called the Outpost, with a wink and a nod about how it’s pretty much the only place around.










Kidlins are very much welcome and there’s a large bucket of toys for them to entertain themselves.  It’s not quite as kid-oriented, as say Little Nest, which is really geared exclusively at kids and caregivers.  Outpost is more a cafe for everyone but no one will glare at your for your toddler – well unless they start jumping on the banquette and making shrieking noises, like P and his little friend H were doing the other day.  But I might have glared at them too… hee hee.







Also very good: the delicious 75-cent cookies and lots of delicious and affordable – at least by Vancouver standards – food. Sandwiches and pasta comes with lovely salads and greens. I also had an amazing quiche there recently.







M enjoys watching the passers-by the view from the window.

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  1. Rumor has it the owners are planning to build a kid-friendly area into the space. I can’t wait to try it out….it’s on my list!!

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