Beckett’s Bucket

This week’s crafty project was a bucket hat… three actually, but only two are shown here. Matching cousin hats.

The hats actually weren’t as easy as they looked, but maybe that’s because I got lazy and was not exactly precise with my patterns when adjusting the size. I didn’t bother tracing all three sizes, just estimated and that was, in retrospect, an error. Sewing on a curve is tricky enough. Still, I think they turned out cute enough to wear, and with summer just around the corner (I hope!) you can never have too many hats. This is another project from the Oliver+S book, Little Things to Sew. Soon I will get a new book, I promise. Otherwise this blog will turn into Julie/Julia.

The littlest man is my adorable nephew Beckett (with his mum) who I had the privilege of babysitting last weekend. What a well-behaved young man he was. And P told us that while he hadn’t liked Beckett much while he was inside B’s tummy, he is quite fond of him now that he was out in the world! He is already planning the band they will have together – Beckett will play piano, and P will play the trumpet. M will play the tuba. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled with that.

2 thoughts on “Beckett’s Bucket”

  1. Love the band idea! Good thing we have a piano that he can learn on. Perhaps Margs could play stand up bass instead of tuba? That might help create a jazz atmosphere instead of . . . an oompah one?

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