Gingham Dress

Sometimes I forget what I’ve blogged and what I haven’t.

This is a dress I made from a vintage pattern I bought online. The pattern also came with pants, but I used them instead to make little shorts, and added some elastic at the cuff so they became bloomers. You know what’s cool about vintage patterns? They are generously cut for cloth diapers! I was cutting them out and thinking they were ginormous. Then I realised – oh yeah, everyone wore big bulky cloth back then, just like Miss M.

After watching Miss M try to crawl around in her dress I shorted it significantly so it’s more tunic-length… seemed more practical for this spring weather anyway as we’ve had few warm days and a top over jeans is always a nice option for days with cool mornings and warmish afternoons.

Vintage patterns are lots of fun, but the annoying thing about them is they often contain only one size.