The Cherry-picking Dress

This is the Apple-picking Dress, one of the Oliver+S 2011 fall patterns. I’m going to call it the cherry-picking dress though since, (a) it’s not fall, so no apples to pick, and (b) cherry season is ANY MINUTE (if it ever stops SNOWING here. We’ve had very weird weather this spring) and (c) the fabric is covered in tiny blue (?) and red cherries. It’s from Connecting Threads Canning Day line.

Apple-Picking Dress

This pattern had a lot of steps, so I finished it over several nights, but was actually quite easy. Either that, or I’m getting better. The trickiest part is that there are lots of buttonholes, but I’m not usually intimidated by buttonholes as my machine will do them for me. Also, one of the “columns” of buttonholes are false – you just sew the button on top to get the look, but they don’t function.

I love the drop waist. There’s another drop waist pattern in the spring collection that was announced today and I am highly tempted to order it asap. Hm.

Miss M seems to like it too… until I bug her with too many photos.

Apple-Picking Dress - No More Photos Mom!

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  1. Oh my. You’ve topped yourself with teh cute. Unbelievably cute!!!! I love the fabric for this dress. It’s perfect…Well done, Hilary!

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