Spring is here and it’s been a gorgeous spring. We’ve had several t-shirt worthy days and not too much rain. I am back in office-land, meaning I don’t get to see the sun much during the day. So I think my big “home” project this summer is the garden, and I’ve been working on it a lot. Actually, I lie. I haven’t lifted a finger, as J has been doing much of the manual labour. It’s not because I’m not willing to get my hands dirty, but unfortunately someone must supervise the four monsters while gardening is being done. Well, except M. She loves to help and as soon as she spots the wheelbarrow out, she quickly runs upstairs to change into “not bery nice” clothes and dig away too.

So far, it’s just site preparation. We’ve ripped out a huge hunk of lawn and are planning berries, tulips, fruit and lovely edibles galore. We have a friend helping us plan, since my own thumb is not entirely green yet. I grew up with periwinkle and a patch of carrots, but not much detailed gardening experience. Anyway, here’s the yard “before”, and I hope to post some lovely progress photos soon.

Garden  - Before

We’re also doing a bit of remedial work to the backyard, or are hoping too. We’ll see how far we get.