Weekend Round-up

A weekend that goes by without any sewing at all is a sad weekend indeed. I was laid up for 3 days this week with the stomach virus from hell. Have you ever had an illness where you seriously wondered “Could this could kill me? And if it would end this pain, would I be okay with it?” Because that’s where I was at this weekend. Not only too sick to sew, but too sick to knit, which is sick indeed. And then of course I had to work all weekend to make up for the off days. I don’t usually like to use the word “Sigh” as punctuation but… SIGH!

On the bright side, I did start a sock-making class at my local yarn store. When I decided to do my one-year challenge, I said that I wouldn’t make socks and underwear. But then I thought, but how would I make socks if I wanted to? I looked up a pattern in a book and it seems pretty complicated, so when I was pretty excited when I saw this store offered classes… I won’t apologise for what gets me excited these days! If you see me taking an underwear course, you have permission to snicker.

I don’t intend to knit every pair of socks the kids need this year, but I’d like to try and make one each. I’m actually making the socks for J though since I almost never sew for him, and since I needed to give some sort of reason for why I was spending two hours of our anniversary in sock-making. He was a bit underwhelmed at the prospect of socks, but I have no (well, only a few doubts) that once he tries them on he’ll change his mind!

At the class I learned that I have been casting on an entirely unusual way. A friend’s mother showed me how to do it when I was seven, and I’ve been doing it the same way ever since, but what I was doing was a cable cast-on and there’s another way, apparently. I have quite a bit of homework to do for that class, so knitting may take center-stage this week too, although hopefully I will finish my Crescent Skirt soon. That’s my current work-in-progress.

So, I am now over a month into my one-year clothing challenge and am proud to say I have bought nothing for myself or the kids during that time. In that time, I have made M a top, two skirts and a vest. I made P a pair of pants. I’ve made myself two dresses (one work-friendly, one-casual) and a blouse. So despite a weekend without sewing, not too shabby overall. If it seems like P is getting short shrift, it’s party because I want to do some knits for him, and am saving up for a new serger. After years of being relatively indifferent about what he wears, he has decided within the last couple of days that he only wants to wear either a Lightning McQueen tee or a one with a robot on it, so I’m going to have to find some jazzy knit prints to make sure we don’t all lose our minds.

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