When M slept 8 hours at just a few months of age, I thought I had it made. This baby was going to be different… she would sleep! She has yet to repeat her 8 hour trick. I think maybe it’s not them, it’s me. I broke her, because I like to cuddle with her at night, and now she doesn’t want to do without the cuddle. Or maybe she’s just a typical eight-month old hitting her separation anxiety stage. Oh but wait, she’s been doing this for four months. Hm.

She does not like to sleep, at least not unless someone is very close to her. I do have my moments of frustration, especially when she wakes up before I’ve even finished clearing up dinner, where I just want to scream “GO TO BED!” at my poor blinky-eyed baby, her lip quivering in her little pink sleeper. But at least this time I know it doesn’t last forever. Soon she’ll sleep through a jackhammer, just like her big brother. Or maybe she’ll put herself to sleep playing with her cars. And then she’ll regress and want you to stay with her every night because she’s afraid of the dark, or the “blinking noise” (I think it’s the furnace.) And then she’ll sleep through the night a stretch, and then she won’t. This sleep thing, it’s not linear. And I guess deep down, I like my snuggles more than I like my sleep. Just wish I could have both.