Small Plates Blocks

For your viewing pleasure, some blocks I am doing for the quilt I am making for P & M. It’s got kind of a rainbow theme, so I’m doing red, orange, yellow, green and blue blocks. I finished the red and the orange ones today so that’s what you see. I was planning to just have 10 different fabrics total, 1 print and 1 solid in each colour. However, as usual I didn’t read the instructions carefully so I got partway through and realised I didn’t have enough of my carefully selected fabrics. Luckily I’ve built up quite the fabric stash now and had enough other prints on hand. I actually think it’s going to work out better this way – the more the merrier – especially since I know see how L-A-R-G-E it will be. I really love those little cowboys.

Prints pictured are:
Castle Peeps by Lizzy House
L’il Cowpokes from Michael Miller
Teddy’s Garden from Benartex
Aldo to Zippy by Jenn Ski