Big Bu** Baby Pants

When I was a kid, I was not allowed to say “butt.”  My parents, my dad especially, considered it vulgar.  Which is kind of funny because I heard many, many other words that most would consider a lot more vulgar than “butt”.  Probably it was more Angophile snobbery than anything else, but we Canadians must hold on to some traditions.  Still, my Dad was successful at cultivating some squeamishness around the word, so in our house “bum” is still the more polite way to say it!  So some may call this pattern the “big butt baby pants” but in our house it’s “big bum.”  The patterns are especially for cloth-diapered babies, who often have very large, fluffy bums due to the extra bulk of the diaper.

I used an Ikea velveeteen blanket I found on sale for $2.  There was enough fabric to make two pairs of pants, probably about 2 yards although I have quite a bit left over.  I didn’t realise it when I bought the blanket, but there was some embroidered detail on it.  Naturally I had to put that on M’s bum (must to J’s dismay).

P and M both got a pair of pants even though P is no longer “big-bummed” and hasn’t been for quite a while, except at night.  I just have a tendency to make things in twos.  P’s wearing them here.

I bought this pattern from Made By Rae – one of my favourite craft bloggers.  I didn’t really read the instructions, so I can’t comment on them – the pants were pretty straightforward if you’ve ever made pants before.  It was nice just to have them sized and ready-to-go, since I’ve had poor luck making patterns for pants in the past.