P is always amazing me with his remarkable memory. We visited friends of my brother’s recently and we hadn’t been there in a year, since my brother housesat for them. Before the visit, I never mentioned that we’d been there or even where we were going. When we walked in, P said “We were here a long, long time ago.” I love it especially because, for P, a “long, long time ago” might mean yesterday, or it might mean 12 months ago. He hasn’t yet grasped “tomorrow” or “yesterday” so it’s the default. He is also constantly saying hilarious things – pondering his world. Like this morning “Forks are bad for babies. Because they could poke themselves with the little things. And knives too.” Or a few days ago “Ants don’t have faces because their heads are too small and the faces don’t fit.” He always wants what he wants though, is a natural negotiater. He will bargain with anyone – pleading for his friend’s mother to buy him a car. He has a real sense of the dramatic too – like I show up at daycare and spot him playing in the distance, seemingly happy; once he sees me his whole gait changes and he sort of limps over, lip quivering “S won’t SHARE with me.” What he really means is “I want S’s toy.” When his appeals to me are fruitless he moves on to S’s mother, who of course tries to get S to share the beloved toy, even another parents at the park. This kid could be a great lawyer or a great actor.

M is such a nurturer. She is the cuddliest baby. She has this little dolly that wears a cheap pink sleeper and stinks like baby powder and always has one eye stuck closed. But she just beams when she sees it. She hugs it and rocks it and pats it and sings to it (DA!DA!DA!DA!DA!). It’s fascinating to me partly because that sort of nurturing is not something P ever did. She also loves blocks and putting stuff together. And of course cars – she is constantly revving them around. Well, not constantly actually – only when she can wrest them away from P, or finds one forgotten on the floor. She has 1 or 2 of her own cars, but of course his are far more appealing. And she too is developing a sense of the dramatic. She has always been such a mellow soul – easily passed to strangers and happy to entertain herself for long periods. Suddenly she will THROW HERSELF TO THE GROUND if a toy is taken away, or she doesn’t get what she wants. I have to admit, I like seeing a bit of spirit in her though.

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  1. I love theses stories and little insights to your kids. 🙂 They are each their own little people now and it is so fascinating.

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