New Sewing Centre

Not much sewing has been taking place in these parts lately. But hopefully that will change now that I set up a new sewing area for myself. We finished our basement renovation, which allowed us to convert the kids’ room into a guest room… aka sewing sanctuary! Here’s my new sewing desk, so that I no longer have to have the sewing machine on the kitchen table at all times… or have to clean up all my supplies each and every time I choose to sew.

This desk holds our computer, as well as my machine and serger. I hung up some ceramic baskets from IKEA to hold things like fabric markers and pin cushions easily accessible. You can’t really see it in this photo, but I also got a magnetic knife block and stuck some magnetised holders on it there to hold quilting pins and so on. I’ve been so busy organising that I haven’t even had a chance to use the space yet, but am very excited to do so.

I think I’ll put up a fabric covered bulletin board too, but we have lots of other home projects on the go right now (including painting over that orange wall) so it will have to wait.


I have an ambitious schedule ahead – promised to make some curtains for a friend, and I also have to make outfits for P and M to wear to my brother’s impending nuptials. P will be the ringbearer so he needs something extra special. I have an aversion to little tiny boys in tuxes, and I abhor the North American thing of wearing a tux before evening, so, since this is an afternoon garden casual wedding, I am making him a little button down shirt and some shorts. The wedding colours and orange and red, so the bride requested orange gingham for his shirt. I had some leftover dark gray chambray to make him shorts too. I am going to attempt the Oliver + S bubble dress for M. As for me, I am going to try to make this Cynthia Rowley Simplicity pattern out of some gorgeous AMH voile I bought… I have tried and failed at this pattern in the past, but I think that my sewing skills have improved since then. At least I hope so, cause that voile ain’t cheap and I’ve already cut it out.