Sketchbook Shirt

Well, I promised I’d get into sewing again soon, and here we are… the Sketchbook shirt by, you guessed it! Oliver + S. I love this pattern. I made the size four. I love the details the little pleat on the back, and the beautiful finishing around the yoke. There are very few seams that you need to worry about serging or otherwise finishing. There was one step I found a little confusing, when I attached the yoke, and I had to do some seam-ripping but overall it was a relatively easy pattern. Her instructions really are fantastic.

I think I need the size 5-12 as I suspect it will be discontinued soon, and I definitely need more of these. There are a number of errata, but few of them seem to affect the size 4, thankfully, as I only checked the errata page after I’d cut out the fabric.

I love the little Nehru collar. You can make a conventional collar too, but I thought this one was kind of fun for a short-sleeved shirt.

As I mentioned in my last post, this is the shirt P will wear to my brother and sister-in-law to be’s wedding… and here’s the gorgeous ring bearer to be!

The one thing I would do differently I think is that I would have cut the yoke on the bias so the gingham would have been diagonal on the back. I think it would have been kind of a cute touch, one that I notice on many men’s shirts. If (when!) I make this pattern again I’ll probably try that.