Toy Sleeping Bag

I have worked every single day since I got back from my sewing workshop – that’s right, every one. So not much sewing being done. But thankfully there is going to be a reprieve now. I want to take a few days and just veg out, sew, relax, get stuff done around the house. I have so many projects I want to do, including curtains for the kids rooms, a cover for an ugly faux leather ottoman we have, and of course a spring wardrobe for the kids. I have been, occasionally, plugging away at my Christmas quilt in the hopes that it is done by next Christmas. Starting a Christmas quilt in November was a bit foolish, but next year seems realistic. I ordered some Insul-bright too, as I want to make new potholders.

Just remembered I made a really sweet doll recently too for M (who promptly threw it over in favour of a plastic one.) I keep telling myself she will appreciate it when she’s older. Like 34. But I can’t find it. So in the meantime, check this out.

I whipped this up tonight in about 45 minutes. (Hence the ugly machine binding… my redo that, although P will never notice that.) I saw a pattern for something similar on a blog; I couldn’t find it again, but it was easy enough to do without any pattern. Had to wrest “horse” away from a sleeping boy to accurately size the thing. I hope he will be excited to see his favourite toy all snuggled up in the morning. The lovely bird fabric is by my talented sister in-law at Forsythia Designs. I used spare quilting to emphasis the design. The lining is Denyse Schmidt – I think from her collection at Joann’s.

We’ve been reading Black Beauty, an abridged version someone gave us, so horses are even more popular than usual around here (and they are pretty darn popular already.) M even has a sign now for “horsie.” It’s not the “correct” ASL sign… but it’s so adorable that I’ve stopped trying to correct her. It involves her riding up and down like she’s on a pony. She still doesn’t talk much but she’s very conversant in signing now. She can tell me she’s hungry, she’s thirsty, she’s wondering where something is. She wants a book, a grape or “please down.” Teaching her the sign for cookie was a tactical error though.

Anyway enough rambling for tonight… must sleep.