Have abandoned the Christmas quilt in favour of other diversions for now. I realized last weekend that I had this urge to use my Heather Ross fabric. I love love love this print of girls playing with horses. I mean, little girls in cowboy boots? Adorable. I wanted to use the fabric on something I’d see often, and its weight made it perfect for a bag.

Oliver + S Backpack

As usual I relied on Oliver+S. The book has a pattern for a penguin backpack, but when you leave off the penguin details it’s just a regular backpack pattern, with all the usual attention to detail – lining, an inner pocket and so on. I only made one modification which was to make the straps narrower. That change was made simply because I had several 1-inch D-rings for some reason, and I wanted to use them as strap adjusters rather than having to buy something else.

Here’s a picture just showing the inner lining, which is Oliver+S fabric. A lovely woman named Robin showed me how to blind stitch properly on my flight back from our sewing workshop, so the lining looks totally seamless.

Oliver + S Backpack

And here’s Miss M shunning the bag in favour of one we got 2 years ago as a birthday gift. Which is too bad because the brown and pink coordinates much between with her outfit. Oh well.

Oliver + S backpack

Of course what’s good for the goose is good for the gander (or vice-versa?), and I couldn’t make a bag for M without making one for P. He was certainly far more appreciative and impressed. He was especially taken by the zipper, and proudly told his daycare provider that: “My mum sewed this!” I might even love the fabric here as much as the horses – those Echino cars are adorable. The blue is some Sew Lisette fabric I ordered from Joann’s about a year ago.

Oliver + S Backpack

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