“Yoga” Pants

I am doing a ton of sewing for the kids right now. Didn’t do much in February thanks to a very busy period at work… I’ve got another busy week coming up as a trial resumes, so got to get it in now.

Every boy needs a pair of yoga pants. These are made from the Oliver + S Nature Walk pattern.

They are so cozy inside as the fabric is super-fluffy. I narrowed the pattern (a size 5) since P is so slender, but I don’t think I needed to do that. However, I kind of like the slim look.

P modelling his pants

P is going skiing today with his Dad, so these will come in handy.

Unfortunately, my serger started acting up again… I accidentally had to rethread it and now the tension seems wonky again, so clearly I am threading it wrong… but I’ve puzzled over it/the manual for ages and am still not sure what’s wrong, so it may need to go back to the store again. Boo.

When I look at this photo, he looks like such a little boy. Not a toddler anymore… a kid.