Hopscotch Skirt

It’s been such beautiful weather lately here. We had a few rough and rainy summers, so I hope this one is going to be different.

I noticed a few blogs were promoting Skirt week (or maybe Skirt fortnight?) so I decided to focus on skirts this week. First one I made was this Hopscotch Skirt for Miss M. Have to say, it’s really hard to take a good picture of a (n almost) two-year old in a skirt, what the waistband all snug under her belly and the gaping skirt and the neon “Holey” shoes she insisted on wearing. In fact this photos might even be an example of why not to make a skirt for a two-year old. But watching her waddle up and down the ladder at the park with a flowery diaper cover underneath is pretty darn cute. Besides, is there anything more comfortable in summer than wearing a skirt?

Hopscotch Skirt

And in the tradition of many sew weekly posts I thought it might be useful to add some summaries
Pattern: Oliver+S Hopscotch
Fabric: Lisette from Joann’s. Is it twill? I’m not sure, but it’s definitely bottom-weight. (Checked, and yes it is twill)
Time to make: About two hours. The construction is very simple. The pockets took a bit of time, as did the buttons.
Skill level: Novice
Size: 2, but it is quite big on this tall lean baby. I bet it will still fit next summer. I always find the O+S patterns to be generously sized, but then my kids are quite thin.
Cost: Pattern was $15 (but I will make this again) and it was about a half yard of fabric, so maybe $8? Only notion was a few cents worth of thread.

With anything I make for M, it has to have a “hook”, and by that I mean something that appeals to her. She is ornery knows what she likes, and otherwise she won’t wear it, insisting on leggings and the same black dinosaur (“ROAR!”) t-shirt. Now I love that t-shirt too, and maybe it would even go well with this skirt. She is much more opinionated on her clothing than P ever was. the only thing I recall him balking on was overalls. The “hook” here is the bright buttons. She is obsessed with buttons. I am always finding them in the toy cash register or purse. (But don’t worry I only let her play with the giant ones which are not choking hazards.)

I’m wondering how dorky it would be if M and I had matching skirts, because I have a lot more of this fabric, and I really like it. I guess we could commit to not wearing them on the same day.