Split Personality Bag

This bag is a gift for someone. I don’t think she reads my blog very often (or ever!), so I’m probably safe posting it here, even if I haven’t given it to her yet. To give you a hint it’s for someone who is the subject of an upcoming holiday.

This pattern is the Split Personality Bag from the Straight Stitch Society line, which is another line by the brilliant Liesl Gibson of Oliver + S and Lisette. As usual this pattern features all kinds of neat details. First, the bag is completely reversible. There are no exposed seams anywhere either. I couldn’t quite visualize how it was all going to come together, but sure enough, it did. The instructions are detailed and helpful, just like O+S, but they do have a different, slightly ‘sassier’ tone. Did you ever think pattern instructions could be sassy? I do kind of wish that the patterns were available digitally though, as these little things are the perfect candidate for being printed on an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet.

Split Personality Bag - Side 2

So in case you couldn’t guess from my introductory paragraph, this bag is a gift for my mother. My mother is more of a fancy, Prada-bag type, but I think she will appreciate this for those summer Wednesday afternoons sipping coffee at Cafe Artigiano with the grandkids.

I’m always interested when I read about mother/daughter crafting duos, or women who learned to sew or knit from their mothers. I’m pretty sure 99% of crafting bloggers had a crafting mother or grandmother. My mother has (I am not exaggerating) zero interest in doing domestic crafts. She did sew a lion costume once for my brother’s school play, and did so entirely by hand as we didn’t have a machine. But aside from the odd button, that was probably the last thing she ever sewed.

When I made P one of his first pairs of pants, she said “Oh, so he will be dressed like a little hippie.” When I asked her if she was interested in taking a tote bag sewing class that I’m teaching she said, quite frankly, “No.” When I reminded her about my year-long challenge, she just said “Not for jeans I hope.” The hippie pants are still fresh in her mind I guess.

Split Personality Bag - Side 1

So crafting is not her thing. And maybe it will not be M or P’s thing either. But I do think she has a little bit of admiration for all the crafty stuff that I do. She bought me a “learn-to-knit” kit when I was six or seven, and my first sewing machine when I was 14. I think I’ll see her using this bag, at least on her grandkids days, which is once a week. She takes very good care of my two little people, even when they’re cranky, or have terrible stomach flu, or are just in the midst of a toddler tantrum.

And just in case she doesn’t like the bag, I’ll take her out for brunch too.

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  1. I know she has admiration for the crafty things you do, and has even waxed a little wistful that she was never bitten by the bug.

  2. Oh wow, I absolutely love it! How much would you charge to make this, or a pair of your shorts?

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