Crescent Skirt

I didn’t have to work this weekend, which was absolutely lovely. The past few months have been insane, and I spent much of last week sick, and then the weekend at the office. Our big deliverable was due Thursday, which meant I was actually FREE! Since I work four days a week that meant three lovely, long days of non-work related activities.

For those of you who don’t consider domestic activities to be relaxing, this may sound insane, but in my non-working bliss, I made homemade ice cream, cookies and a cake as well as homemade soup. I also knitted the cuff of a sock for my sock-making class, finished my Crescent Skirt, started and finished (other than buttons) a Lisette Traveler Dress and weeded the garden. My productivity was vastly aided by the fact that J was out on Friday night. Oh, and I went on a five hour bike ride with J. The kids are coming back from the park any minute with J to have soup. Perfection.

In the meantime, I will share you with the Crescent Skirt… I did as threatened and used the same fabric as I did for M’s Hopscotch Skirt.

Crescent Skirt

I think the Sewaholic patterns all use geographic names from around this area, so I was trying to figure out what “Crescent” refers too. I think it must be the beach out in White Rock. I actually don’t know the suburbs of my city very well, so I can’t really picture what the beach is like. I keep thinking of Crescent Street in Montreal, which has a much different reputation. It may have changed in the past few years, but it was a place with clubs and pubs and bars and lots of drunken tourists everywhere. But strangely, I think this skirt pattern could work for either location.


The details:
Pattern: Sewaholic Crescent
Fabric: Lisette Twill from Joann’s
Difficulty: Hm… intermediate-ish? It’s not a difficult pattern, but cutting out the many, many pieces for the waistband, then interfacing them all, took a little bit of time, as did the yoke.
Cost: Hm, pattern was $17 or $18? Fabric, maybe $15 worth? I probably used about 2 yards. I also accidentally cut one piece two short, which meant I had to recut.
Time: Maybe 4-5 hours? The first night, I just traced, cut and interfaced, and then I sewed it in a few little spurts of activity.
Muslin made? No… I didn’t think I’d need to since it was really only the waist measurement that mattered. It does sit lower than I expected – above the hips rather than on my natural waist. I could have easily changed after making the waistband, but I decided to go with it. I think it would also look cute a size smaller and sitting up higher on the waist though.

Oh, and here’s the Rhubarb Cake I made:

Rhubarb Cake

Bonus is that, although P loved helping me harvest our ginormous rhubarb plant, he doesn’t seem to like rhubarb. So I get to eat all!!! Yum. The cookies on the other hand…

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  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me! Once in awhile that happens, you have to cherish it. Congrats on your skirt week win! You have me wanting that pattern now, yours came out great. I just ordered the Lonsdale dress pattern, maybe I’ll get to the Cresent skirt by next summer! 🙂

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