Sewing/Knit Kit

The wonderful thing about knitting is that even if you’re having one of those don’t-get-home-before-9 weeks, you can still fit in a little time to knit… on the bus, when your kid gets up at 5, or even walking along Hastings Street in heels.  I didn’t think it would be right to knit at a conference, though it was very tempting to do so under the table cloth.

But the projects take a little more time, so there’s less to blog about. I’m still plugging away my Purl Cap-Sleeve Lattice Top.

Apples and Oranges Sewing Kit

Last weekend I made this little sewing “kit.” One’s meant for sewing, and has a needle pad (you can see it “inside” the apple). I didn’t do the needle pad on the green one, as I plan to use it for knitting heart, like stitch holders and a darning needle.  This is a great little kit to toss in your purse for all that knitting or sewing on the go.

Pattern: Apples & Oranges Sewing Kit by the Straight Stitch Society
Skill level:; Not-for-the faint of heart. A bit finicky, and a zipper, curved seams and quilting techniques mean that I wouldn’t recommend it to a beginner. But loads of fun.
Fabric: All scraps – great scraps project!
Notions: Batting, zipper etc.
Time: Hm… don’t remember. I did it in fits and starts. Not very long though – I finished in a day and that was doing both of them. Probably under 2 hours.