Botanical Socks

There’s something very satisfying about making socks, even though they take quite a while. You work work work on the cuff, and then the heel goes in a snap, and suddenly you’re at the foot and the toe and they’re done! There’s quite a bit of technique – picking up stitches, turning, and making that satisfying heel.

Lacy Socks

This pattern is Almondine, and is from a book I grabbed called Sock Master Class. There’s even a DVD in the book, though I haven’t watched it yet. You wouldn’t believe how many books there are devoted to socks out there.

These were cuff-down, so the principles were mostly the same as the Churchmouse Socks I made earlier. I never did memorize the lace pattern although the book claims it’s simple and easily memorized – probably haven’t knitted enough to “understand” the pattern. That meant lugging the book around when I knit. I also made them on size 4 needles because I was travelling and only had 4s. I should have made them on smaller ones, but the gauge actually wasn’t far off. Still, they may have looked neater on 2s. I made them from Sweet Georgia Sock Yarn in “Botanical” Colourway and I liked the yarn a lot.


I intended to make them for myself but then my mother hinted she would love a pair of woolly socks, so I plan to give them to her. I noticed recently on a weekend away that she still does that whole bathrobe and fuzzy sock thing in the morning, so I know she will wear them… unlike my dear husband, whose knit socks haven’t seen the light of day in weeks. To be fair it is summer, but it gets pretty cool at night. Ah well the pleasure is in making them.