Daddy Long Legs

Whoa, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I added anything to my Flickr sewing album. Work, moving, not feeling great – I have many excuses. But in the meantime, my kids pants are all ankle-length as they have undergone some major growth spurts!

And so I present, les Cargos Pants! (Does it sound better when I make it seem French?) I was so thrilled when the Oliver+S fall line included a real “boy” pattern… and then I was inspired by the girly floral cords featured on the blog. Love this pattern. Had to have it.

Oliver + S Cargo Pants

In case you can’t tell from his face, he does actually love these pants. And I made the top too using the raglan t-shirt pattern that goes with it. I made it in a slightly heavier material and added a little band at the bottom to make it more sweatshirt like. P chose the anchor fabric and he loves wearing them. Yikes – looking at this pictures makes me realise that even his socks are too small.

Cargo Pants!

I’ve got another pair on the go in a very dark chambray. The good thing about moving is it forced me to go through my fabric. I got rid of loads of scraps as they were taking over, and frankly I’m not a huge quilter, and I might as well accept that. Only the real gems, like the Heather Ross stuff scraps, got saved. I also rediscovered tons of gems hidden away in my fabric closet. Half got packed to the rental, and half got stored away until we move into our permanent house. I tried to store some of the good stuff, so when I open that box it will be a bit like Christmas.

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  1. Ohmygosh. He suddenly looks like such a grown up boy! For a second I thought you were going to say this was your nephew or someone else!!! Aww so handsome.

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