The girls had a rough day today. B was really struggling with her breathing and her machines must have gone off 25 times in the first little while I was there. She was a bit agitated too, and kept kicking off her leads. Then I found out that she has a heart murmur as well – apparently new. Hopefully that sorts itself out soon and doesn’t require intervention. (C has a murmur too, and I even got the surgery talk, but for now it is being managed “conservatively.”) They did a chest x-ray on B and nothing in particular showed up – thank god – so they gave her a little more breathing support.

C’s day was not quite as rocky, although she was struggling with the breathing a bit with her little ribs heaving. She seemed to be better after a very long snuggle though. I wish I could hold both at the same time, but we’re not there yet. Fingers crossed that tonight goes easier for them.

If bedrest was a marathon, NICU time is some kind of neverending Iron Man.

3 thoughts on “Jargon”

  1. It’s become my nightly ritual to wait for your update and see how the girls are doing. I was so hoping for happier news, but sounds like they are feisty things. I keep thinking about you there with them, watching them grow and giving them the love they need to get stronger. Got everything crossed that tonight will be an easy and uneventful night for all of you. Huge hugs!!!

  2. I am continuing to watch for your updates, and thinking of you daily. Hoping that things improve for the babies very soon. I know this must be so hard.

  3. Thinking of you and hoping for a quiet, uneventful night for your little girls. I am also checking this blog daily for updates. If I can bring you a latte or lunch or even just a cinnamon bun to the hospital, please let me know. I wouldn’t stay to visit – just long enough to give you a hug.

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