I had a really nice day today – a nice nurse, a snuggle for hours and lunch with my brother that was not from a facility at the hospital.   The girls had a good day too, all of us cozied back in our new, more intimate abode in the less intensive area of the nursery.  I enjoyed them.

I tend to keep to myself at the hospital.  Today I didn’t – I talked to a mother who was told that her baby had an infection, and that babies die of infections all the time. I talked to a mother who said she’d been told her baby would never walk or talk. I saw a family who’d been acting celebratory in the lounge a few days ago come out of a meeting room teary-eyed and silent. After a day like that I had to flee and go to P’s soccer game.  There’s something quite soothing about watching half the team kick the ball to the wrong end of the field while the other half sits down and eats grass. I couldn’t even feel annoyed when M had a twenty minute screaming tantrum because she wanted a muffin at 6:45 p.m.

Some obligatory NICU pics – I dressed C in a quite-impractical (no snaps for leads) but very adorable onesie. She’s my little heater so she needed some trendy short-sleeve clothes and the worn-out NICU onesies just weren’t cutting it for her.


B tends to be on the cool side so we keep her wrapped in a warm towel when she’s doing her skin-to-skin.


M made me a crown at daycare.  After the last few weeks I feel I deserve it!  Also I don’t think I look as tired in person as I do in this picture.  Then again, maybe I do.


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  1. The babies are looking bigger! Loving the updates…. Your description of soccer for 5 year olds is hilarious and so true.

  2. Love that little onesie! Glad they are both moved in to a less intense area 🙂

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