Good Times

Lots of positive moments in the last few days. The (bigger!) kids had a couple of nice visits at the NICU. The doctors are starting to murmur about “home” as if it’s somewhere on the not-too distant horizon. We may be transferred to another hospital first to free up beds for more critical infants, but fingers crossed that they’re ready to come home before that happens.


Other nice moments: I gave the girls baths. One of the senior neonatologists was quite encouraging on rounds. C’s head circumference is growing but so far it appears to be just normal growth as opposed to anything too concerning.  Oh, and tonight at 9 p.m. tonight both girls took a “full feed” while nursing, which means they did not need to be topped up via their feeding tube. C did it this morning as well. B was progressing a little more slowly – she did a little yesterday, but then last night she couldn’t coordinate the breathing and sucking so her oxygen level dropped and we had to take a break. This morning she wouldn’t latch at all as she was too tired. And then bam – full feed tonight. So that was very exciting.


In this picture, M was either worried the babies were sad because their mouths were frowny, or pissed that C was not looking at her – I can’t remember which it was at the time.


That’s a not-quite three year old hand which covers B’s whole head.  It’s funny how a 9-lb baby looks like a giant to me now.

5 thoughts on “Good Times”

  1. I’m so happy to hear they’re doing so well. I love the pic with Peter and Beatrice! So sweet. Margot, as usual, makes me laugh… I just keep cheering you and the babies (and the sibs!) on!!

  2. Nursing your babies must be so amazing. I know you’ve been waiting for it. Still keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers every day.

  3. This post is amazing. So many positive things at once. Go babies go!! And yay for full feeds and nursing them both. Proud moment for you!!! Sending go home soon vibes! Xo

  4. The picture of Peter and his sister just melts my heart – as does the one with the angry three year old :p

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