Not Quite Yet

I realised this morning after chatting with the paediatrician that the homecoming is not as imminent as I hoped.  Their feeding is not where it needs to be yet and even though C can do a couple of oral feeds a few in a row, she’ll have to prove herself over a few days.  Realistically, I think we’re at least two weeks away, and we still face the possibility of transfer.

Also, B had several “bradys” today where her heart slowed down and then her oxygen level drops.  It’s very common in prems, but she needs to be entirely free of those before homecoming.  The doctor heard a new murmur, so they ordered a whole slew of heart testing, including an ECG and an echocardiogram.  When the docs came by on rounds I said “I’m a bit worried, so please tell me what you hopefully didn’t find.”  The cardiologist said “All you need to worry about it is how little sleep you’re going to get when she comes home.”  Phew.  She put on some weight though – up over 2 kilos now.

Both girls are more awake and alert now too – and they get mad when they are not being held, which is lovely.

Please do send some good thoughts to all NICU babies tonight.  It was packed tonight – there are 61 babies right now for 60 beds, and lots of them are very ill.

3 thoughts on “Not Quite Yet”

  1. Hilary, you are amazing. I’ll be sending my good vibes to all the babies in there, but selfish in sending vibes to two tiny ones in particular. Much love from me! XO

  2. Glad to hear that you’ve been getting some good news lately and I loved reading that they are starting to get angry when not held. Sweet little things. The newest facebook pictures are so adorable.

  3. Sending prayers to all the babies in the NICU tonight, but not forgetting about two very special girls. Hang in there Hil, and hopefully get some sleep.

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