Sleepover Photos

So I had my night in the hospital and it went very well.   She did all the normal newborn stuff – waking to feed at reasonable intervals.  She went back down quite easily in her cot too.  I hope she does that at home!

The kids came for a pajama party before heading home for the night.  P & B had some great snuggles:


Our FOUR children (!!!)


Wheeling C out of the nursery into the family room.


The kids wrestled over the baby quite a bit when we got back to the family room.  They each wanted to hold her little wobbly neck.  When they lay down (briefly! they didn’t sleep there!) there was a lot of negotiating of who got to be on the “face” side. It nearly gave J a heart attack.

I’m trying to imagine what C is thinking here… “Are you sure you should be letting him hold me? Is this what home is going to be like? Cause if so, I think I’ll stay with B.”


But eventually they all settled down.



2 thoughts on “Sleepover Photos”

  1. Oh my gosh!! Love all these pics! Especially the one of your four (?!?) kids!! Adorable. 🙂 yay for sleepovers!

  2. These pics are so fun!! I can imagine what it’ll be like when they’re all home together. The “are you sure” pic cracked me up! And you can tell from the pics that they’re such a great “big brother/sister” pair already…. More pics please!!

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