Cora and I are having a sleepover at the hospital! C has now been bottling and nursing for several days so she is more or less ready to come home. Little Miss B is still not quite ready, but she must have heard that her big sis was coming home because she has ramped up the eating a bit in the last few days.

As eager as I am to get them home it is a little nerve wracking. It’s still a month before their due date, and I’m used to a monitor telling me if they’re okay, or a nurse nearby who can tell me when they were last changed or fed. To ease this transition, they are letting me room in at the parent room with Miss C. So we get a sleepover! Little girl is blissed out in my arms right now – no beeping, no one around – our first time ever with just the two of us.

If all goes well Miss C could be home by the weekend.

5 thoughts on “Sleepover!”

  1. This is awesome news!! But I get why you feel nervous too. Enjoy the sleepover!

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