Thanks for letting me get that rant off my chest yesterday. I had another teary departure as I left the twins today – it’s hard to leave. Then on my way out I ran into the antepartum nurse who spent so much time with me, and was so positive, throughout my pregnancy. She gave me a major pep talk as we walked to the car. I came home to a sunny house and had dinner with the kids and then I – gasp – went for a walk by myself after dinner. The last few months have been home, hospital, home, hospital, rinse, repeat. It is amazing what a tonic that walk was. All the things I love about life are still here – rhododendrons, my favorite cafe, ice cream, pretty little Vancouver houses, parks full of children, Louisa May Alcott novels. The same songs still make me smile. There’s still so much to rejoice in.

One thought on “Tonic”

  1. Hilary – I look for updates almost daily now and love that you have taken the time to blog about your life right now. I’m sure it’s a great release for you but it’s also such a pleasure to all of us who read it and want to know how things are going.

    Your perspective and ability to see it all and take it all in and find the beauty where you need to is so great to read. Your babes and P and M are so lucky to have you as their Mama.

    The girls look like they are getting bigger and stronger in each photo you post. I look forward to seeing and reading more! And one day meeting those two sweet little ladies.

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