One Down, One to Go

Having one baby home has been such a wonderful relief.  She’s such a sweet little thing, giving her delicious sleepy smiles.  She’s also alert a lot more than in the hospital, listening to us chat or sing.

The homecoming was only marred by B having a rough patch in the hospital.  She was having numerous desats, including a significant “blue” episode where she needed to be revived with oxygen.  They were doing all kinds of tests to rule out infection and other issues, but so far nothing has turned up.  We think that it was just that she is quite anemic and tires too easily.  My own hunch is that she has very sensitive tummy.  She seemed horribly uncomfortable when they switched her fortifier, and as a result spent far too much time squirming and moaning and not enough time sleeping so she just kind of crashed after a few days.  Thankfully she has put on some weight in the last few days even with them taking her off the fortifier, so hopefully she is now strong enough to go back to exclusive oral feeds and then come home.

To think at the beginning of last month they weren’t eating at all and were still getting airway support… they’ve come a long way already!

One thought on “One Down, One to Go”

  1. I was hoping for an update! So nice that you’re enjoying having C home. Still constantly sending lots of good thoughts your way. I hope B gains strength and gets to come home to snuggle with her family soon. XO

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