Late Night Posting

The last thing I should be doing right now is blogging, since I have to be up in, optimistically, three hours to feed two girls, and for some bizarre reason I had insomnia last night, resulting in even less sleep than normal. But here I am.

You may have noticed in some of C’s pictures that she has numerous small red marks on her face, mostly on the left side. In fact, I counted them once and she has at least 25 on various parts of her. They’re little birthmarks called hemangiomas that will apparently disappear by toddler-hood. I know kids who’ve had one or two, but I’ve never seen a baby with dozens like she has. They even did an ultrasound to make sure she didn’t have any internally. We get lots of comments about them, especially from the 5-year old set. I think my favourite question was “Why does she have polka dots?”

This morning she had been fussing during a nap, so I went up to peek in on her. When I got there I saw what had set her off. Her face was covered in blood, with two especially big smears under each eye like a football player. The sheets were covered in blood too, and on close examination, she’d scratched one of her marks open. In the midst of all this carnage she had fallen back asleep and was dozing peacefully. Not for long though since I was expecting someone and certainly felt I should clean her up before they arrived!


And in other news, Bea has really ramped up the smiling lately. It’s such a cute little toothless grin. I love it.

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