More Gemini

Here are some more pictures of the summer Gemini sweater I knitted.  The Gemini can be worn either backwards or forwards, hence the name. Given the “twin” thing I thought it would be fun to pose with each of the twins.  Pardon the messy hair!

Gemini - One View

(with Cora)

Gemini - Other View

(with Bea)

I think I’ll wear it almost exclusively in the second (“Bea”) view, though I’ll have to think about what to wear underneath. A pretty camisole would work.  I love this pattern and love the fit too. I’m also sort of inspired to do a long sleeved wool version for winter, as it’s such a versatile pattern.

I’m also trying to knit one little sweater for each child this year. P has his Owlet – need to blog that soon as it’s been finished for months. I’m about a quarter of the way through knitting Lush for M, which has a lovely lace detail. And I’ll probably just do one simple pull-over and one that’s a bit more fancy for the twins, and they can trade off wearing each.  Then again, maybe I’ll skip baby sweaters and do baby pants.  Decisions, decisions.

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