P absolutely loves “stuffies.” Coincidentally or not, it began when he weaned. Within a week, he had a new best friend – a stuffed horse who accompanied us everywhere for at least a couple of years. His name? Horsie of course.

About halfway through kindergarten, Horsie was no longer a constant companion. In fact, he’s often forgotten as P focusses his attention on Lego or other things. But stuffies still play a big part of our life. And in fact, they gained more sophisticated narratives. There is Chippy, the gregarious hippopotamus. There is Tiny Tim, the quiet turtle. They go on boat trips and adventures and live in a place called Stuffie Land. Until very recently, M didn’t play with them much (or at all) so P took many of hers over as well.

I don’t know if these handmade stuffies will be loved as much as the cheap ones accumulated from friends but I had so much fun making them. Since this photo I’ve adorned the bear with a large lime green felt bow tie just to give a bit more pizazz. I’ll be handing them over on Christmas Eve so they don’t get lost in the shuffle of more exciting toys in the morning, and so the (big) kids can sleep with them that night.


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