Mittens – Part Deux

If you’ve been keeping track of my knitting (anyone? Bueller? Bueller?) you might be wondering whatever happened to these mittens I started back in November.

Flint Mittens

A bunch of other crafting projects took precedence through Christmas. But these were to be one of J’s Christmas presents, so I kept working away on them in between my other Christmas gifts. However, it eventually became clear that I’d either be pulling an all-nighter on Christmas Eve (I’ve made that mistake before!) or handing over half-finished mittens. So, I decided one mitten would be token enough for his stocking and set the other one away.

I finally picked up that second mitten (which was about 75% done) yesterday and finished it. I made a few mistakes in mitten #2, but I couldn’t face frogging them, so I powered on and decided the imperfections add character.

“Flint” is a beautiful, well-written pattern, though it’s quite fussy and definitely not a quick knit as I was continually referencing the chart. I’m happy to put them away and dive into some stockinette. But I’m happy with them.

Miss C likes them too:

Happy Girl

I’m just kidding – she doesn’t care at all about the mittens. But a smiley baby seems like a nice way to end a blog post.

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  1. C just made me laugh out loud, what a ham!! I did want to see the finished mittens, what a great job! And good on ya for persevering over them…

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