And done.


I wish I had a professional photographer who could take glamourous pictures of me looking fabulous on a beach somewhere. But on this day, I just had my husband who was trying to give the kids a bath at the same time as I posed.

This pattern, Narragansett, is a nice, more or less straight, pullover. I’ve been wearing it quite a bit since I finished it. Because of the weight of the yarn and the easy rhythm of the slipped stitch pattern, it knits up easily. At times I found the instructions could have been written more clearly, but perhaps that’s because I’ve become used to the mechanical precision of some of the Brooklyn Tweed patterns. The only slight change I made was that I knit the sleeves full-length instead of three-quarters length. Sometimes you just want a sweater that will poke out the sleeves of your coat, not get bunched up around your elbow.

I love the sweater and I’m sure it will be worn for many years to come.

5 thoughts on “Pullover”

  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! I will knit it too eventually. I am so inspired…love your choice of yarn, and I can just see you wearing it all windswept on a beach somewhere, jeans rolled up over your ankles… Well done.

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