The Twins Turn One

I almost forgot to mention a very important milestone around here – the twins had their birthday! I made a video, as I have for all my littles’ first birthdays. Theirs got to be extra long though, as I felt I had a license to be a bit self-indulgent since there are two of them.

I had mixed emotions as the day approached. Their birth was happy, but also terrifying. I was looking at photographs the other day of little B which J snapped soon after she was born. They are painful to look at. I realize how close she came to not making it. She was difficult to resuscitate. And then all the fears afterwards with C. But as my mother said to me, “THEY ARE WORTH CELEBRATING!” Yes they are.

We opted not to do cake or a big celebration. I didn’t even get them a present. Instead we brought 30 or 40 cupcakes and cookies to the NICU family lounge and left them there for the parents who have little ones there now. I hope we make it an annual tradition. I remember how I’d often just forget to eat because I’d be bundled up with a baby for several hours. Hopefully it brought a little bit of joy for some people in the thick of the never-ending NICU days. We also met up with two of our favourite nurses and they were able to have a snuggle with the little ones.

So here’s the video. I will warn you that the video contains many pictures of them when they were tiny preemies and it may be difficult for some to watch. But it also shows how far these brave little heroes have come!

3 thoughts on “The Twins Turn One”

  1. Beautiful video, beautiful family! Happy Birthday to Cora and Bea! Congrats to you, Hilary, super mom!

  2. I love the video. It’s so adorable. You did such a great a great job and I can believe the girls are already one! I feel like you were just blogging that you were pregnant?! 🙂

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