Since the girls’ first birthday I am a lot more at ease with C’s diagnosis, and a lot less emotional about it. A series of things came together – first I met a mother whose (older) child presented in a very similar way, and that little girl is doing great. Her mother was a lot further down the path of acceptance, and that was inspiring to see. Then I went back to work, which has been a surprisingly smooth transition, at least as of now. And also, we passed that big year milestone. I’m not thinking “A year ago, I was pregnant. What could I have done differently to stop them coming so soon?” A year ago they were here and we were already on this journey. They are so entrenched in our lives, that I cannot imagine where we’d be without them. Time heals many things.

That isn’t to say it’s not still hard at times. I wonder about milestones. I get frustrated when we get wait listed for another services that we needed yesterday. I worry about a lot of bridges we still have to cross. But I worry less, and life just keeps moving.

The positives have stopped being “silver linings” and just been positive. One wonderful aspect is the people who have been so supportive of us. It started when our girls were in the hospital and people emerged from the woodwork with meals and kind words. And I keep meeting people through the twins, people who want to help, or just have a soft spot for a kid with some extra needs. I love that.

2 thoughts on “Today”

  1. Count me in on the kids’ fan club. C is such a sweet little snuggler, and her smile can lift the darkest of spirits. B is a little spitfire! I love all of your kids, all for different reasons. Thanks for allowing our family to share in your family’s amazing journey…XO

  2. I am very happy to hear that things are going well for you and your beautiful family.

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