Coda is done! Sorry, no pictures yet, still blocking, but I tried it on unblocked and it felt great. I was a little worried about how it would all go together as the two pieces didn’t look like they fit quite perfectly, but with a little stretching and some locking stitch markers I pinned them and it worked. I’m not the best at mattress stitch, but it worked.

I am taking the liberating step of not trying to knit anything madly for Christmas. Though I am very tempted by the Purl Soho hedgehogs. But instead, I’m working a hat next…

Next up, a hat

I’ve been reading the Tanis blog a lot lately as I’ve frequently used her yarns – it’s one of my go-to worsteds. I got enamoured with a hat pattern she posted, and since Miss M requested a hat, I figured I’d give it a go. Ironically, I didn’t use Tanis Yarns this time – went for the workhorse Cascade 220.