Advent Calendar

I’m the kind of person who starts thinking about Christmas even before Hallowe’en ends. I mean, I don’t decorate or anything until at least after Remembrance Day. And the tree is not up until mid-December. But I start thinking about it and planning. Even last year when we were in the midst of moving and pregnancy drama I had ONE thing I needed to have. A real garland on the stairs. (FYI, we’re not doing it again this year. Pine needles EVERYWHERE.)

So this year, I have an even crazier project. Home-made Advent Calendar.

M and Advent Calendar

The kids are actually really into it. They want me to make them specific little characters, and they move the people around all over it. Hopefully this means I can get away without buying chocolate ones this year, since last year I got woken at the crack of dawn each morning by a certain then-two-year old who “wants go downstairs” to eat it.

Advent Calendar thingies

Advent Calendar

(Definitely not an original design in case anyone is wondering. Pattern & kit are from Purl Soho.)