Quiet on the Western Front

Quiet on the blog front recently. A few weekends away, a hectic couple of weeks at work, and massive, massive sleep deprivation due to a child who doesn’t fare well with weekends away, not to mention rearranging our whole house due to some completed renovations. Does it sound like I’m making excuses? I am.

In the course of the renovation, we moved the kids’ bedroom. Which means that their old bedroom is now… a sewing space for me! And a guest room-to-be, but also a sewing space. Their closet was already filled with my materials, overflowing really. But the sewing machine had a permanent spot on the kitchen table. So J is very happy to see it in a new home. I also went through all my fabric, saved in various bags, boxes and so on where it would fit, and um. Holy. I have a lot of fabric. I’ve always been vaguely aghast when I’ve seen posts of quilters with shelves of fabric – I’m not a person who likes to accumulate a lot. But I realised, I too could practically fill a bookcase. It’s a sickness really. So I did co-opt the kids old dresser and re-organise all my quilting cottons in here… very exciting. And no more fabric buying until I work through some of this! (Except what I ordered last week… ssshh.)


Oh, and even though I haven’t done too much lately, I signed myself up for a sewing workshop in January. And um, it’s in PALM SPRINGS! That’s right – me… alone for a weekend with a bunch of sewing ladies! Sitting by a pool! Sleeping in! I realise that spending a weekend holed up sewing might not be everyone’s idea of a perfect vacation, but hey, I’m kind of a weirdo. I’ve never been that far from my children, especially the baby, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. It’s nice to do something entirely selfish every now and again.