Bucket List

I am a delinquent blogger these days. I was going to take pictures of my fabric buckets that I made and tell you to all come take my fabric bucket class! But then… I didn’t. And now the class is over, though it was lots of fun and the buckets turned out really well.

We are moving in just a few days. I am feeling very sad about it, partly because we haven’t found our next place yet, so we’ll be renting for 6 months. I’m a homebody, and I get such energy from my messy little nest. I feel a little discombobulated being in limbo – not knowing what school district we’ll be in next year, or what part of town we’ll live in. I want to take pictures of every corner of this little house – like the frog tiles in the shower that M and P love, and the spot on the floor that is stained, and the curved countertops. And the flies caught in the light fixtures. Then I would make a Youtube montage with some sort of dramatic operatic music in the background, and it would end with a video of a small plastic bag drifting slowly across our lawn.

I haven’t been getting much sleep lately. I think I need to cut out coffee completely or something. If I drink more than half a cup I wake up at 1 in the morning and my thoughts race through my head for five hours. Work and kids and work and things I wish I hadn’t said 16 years ago. With that I should go to bed, but hopefully I will be back sooner this time.