I’m itching to sew a bit again. It’s kind of tough though, as sewing itself would be fine, but sitting and cutting requires a lot of movement. Still, I did spend some time cutting out a girl’s dress this week which was only four pattern pieces.

And I had some works-in-progress that had been languishing in my closet since we moved, even though all that needed done was sewing on the waistband and buttons. I tackled these Oliver+S Sleepover Pajamas last week. After all, April is a good time to make flannel pajamas, right??

Unfortunately my model was not cooperative and kept running or walking.

Sleepover Pajamas

When I finally convinced her to pose, she insisted it be in the darkest spot in the house.

Sleepover Pajamas

My second model was a bit more cooperative, but he refused to smile. Or to let me comb his hair.

Second Sleepover Pajamas

And the youngest members of the family were not be left out – they got a knitted baby blanket. Some day I will tell them how half this blanket was knitted while I waited in the hospital for monitoring.

Chevron Baby Blanket

Oh and just for fun, here’s an oldie but a goodie – a smock I made a couple of years ago has been refound and reclaimed by a child who is a much more enthusiastic painter.


And that folks, is whole lot of crafting for one week. Although that’s because 97% of it occurred in other weeks…

P.S. Why is Flickr so annoying at times? You preview the entry – the photo is there. Then it’s gone. Then you put it back. Then it’s gone again. ARGH!

Bedtime Story Pajamas

Okay, I am kind of cheating here and back-dating posts, but here are the bedtime story jammies I made in December. WordPress wants to change the word “jammies” to “jambes” but I will not be deterred! Is “jambe” even a word in English??

I made them in flannel (from Dressew – colour ran quite badly so I was thankful I prewashed it alone) with quilting cotton binding (think it’s Riley Blake but not sure). They went together in one day, from cutting them out to sewing them up. That day was Christmas Eve of course, which I spent sewing in a mad rush instead of, I dunno, relaxing with my kids. I think I made up for it on on Christmas and Boxing Day, but next year I shall strive to finish their Christmas jams a little earlier in the month.

Christmas morning

I didn’t have enough flannel to make two pairs, but M did get some coordinating pants. Flickr is being annoying and not letting me publish the photo of the two kids together, so you’ll have to just use your imagination on that one.