Selfish Sewing

I guess I kind of burnt out after sewing a bunch at the end of August, and then planning P’s birthday, so I was away from the machine for some time… decided to do a few small, non-ambitious projects to rev the engines again. Also, I decided to do some SELFISH projects – things for moi.

I made a case for my Kindle, which has been bashing around in my purse. It actually held up quite well, but I noticed a small scratch so I decided it was time to cover it.

I also made this pincushion, from Anna Maria Horner’s Seams to Me. Great book, with lots of basics covered, especially around hand-sewing. Great tips on simple stuff like sewing on buttons too – I realised I’ve never done it right, which might explain why so many fall off. This pin cushion was a little odd, only in that it asked for 8 of the side pieces, but I found I only needed seven to go around the diameter of the circle. Not sure if that was the book’s error or mine. My pin cushion is the one “tool” that travels with me from room to room quite often, and now it can hold my seam ripper and thread clippers, and a marking pen too!

Those pins are from Ikea, where I got the most fabulous little sewing kit containing fantastic scissors, thread clippers and a very sturdy little seam ripper for under $20. Great value since a halfway decent pair of scissors often runs about the same. The pins are much nicer than my old ones, whose heads were always falling off.

Anyway, lots to think about… have really been thinking a lot about work, life, children and pondering what my 10 or 12-year plan is. I’m still not sure… some days I want to be a judge, and others I just want to slow life waaaaaay down. I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts on that at some point soon, but in the meantime, M and I are planning for our one-week trip to Korea to a wedding! Hopefully I’ll post some photos while there.