Quilty Bag

I’ve got to think of a better name for this than “Quilty Bag” but I just can’t stop calling it that.  I decided, as a first try and free motion quilting, I’d start small.  So I made this quilted sleep sack.

At some point I will do a real tutorial on this, as I’m quite proud of the idea.

Learned lots of skills while doing it though – it was my first try at improvisational quilting, adding a zipper, free motion quilting, and bias tape (I actually made this before the aprons I featured earlier, had just forgotten to blog it.)  I’ve since quilted a quilt for P’s bed (to be featured soon!) so this was a great little project to whet my appetite.  M likes it too, and I love knowing she’s warm and cosy even if she kicks off her other quilt.