Had a mini-l@w school reunion recently with my “small group” classmates. These are folks who I saw every single day, in every single class first year. I must admit, I have lost touch with many as I’ve dipped in and out of the workforce on my two maternity leaves. It was so much fun to see them all – all grown up, absolutely looking the part. We’re not even four years out, but I’ve got classmates working high-profile criminal cases, starting their own firms, leaving high-profile l@w jobs to run start-ups, and more. It’s so exciting to all of us actually became practising lawyers and most of them are working in the fields they wanted to be in. Even people whom I remember talking to about their uncertainty about the l@w, or who were worried about finding positions. We all did it! I have no idea if it’s representative of the school, or the particular time that we graduated, but it really made me quite proud.