Finished Objects Sunday

Okay, so round-up of the recently finished projects.

I actually finished my Ginny’s Cardigan a couple of weeks ago and have been wearing it, but I finally got around to adding the buttons. I chose an assortment of vintage glass buttons I bought at a local button-only store.  They have that sort of magical feeling that one might expect from a Harry Potter-inspired knit with an owl-motif on the back.

Ginny's Cardigan

Ginny's Cardigan

Next up, a pair of socks, also finished some time ago.  I started these in November when I was in San Francisco and I used the instructions I got in Kate Atherley‘s custom sock class.  I wasn’t thrilled with the yarn – the colours “pooled” a bit on the leg.  But I was really happy with the fit!


And last, but definitely not least, I whipped up this project in about a week, and even improvised my own pattern for it! I wanted to showcase my Rain City knits rainbow pack that I bought a few months ago.  I hope the full-length-now, three-quarter-length-later sleeves means the twins will get some longer-term use out of this.

Rainbow Sweater

And just for fun, both the twins in Rain City knits sweaters. Don’t hate me, but we had a crazy (for March) sunny day yesterday. It’s cool and grey again today if that makes you East Coasters feel better.

Two Little Girls in Rain City Knits

Some Finished Objects

I’ve been a little remiss in documenting some of my finished knitting, just in case it seems like I knit all the time without ever actually completing anything. (It does feel that way sometime!)

In no particular order, let’s start with Miss C in her Abate sweater. I made it in Rain City Knits Yarn, which is this fabulous neon coloured yarn. This particular one has been discontinued, though I still, happily, have another skein. The colour way, “Graffiti” (still available in other Rain City yarns, I think!) makes me think of candies and cupcakes. It was hard to get the colour right on that photo – the green tub and neon yarn seemed to confuse the white balance settings on my camera. I made this with B in mind, although they mostly share clothes. But B was not in a modelling mood.

C wearing her Abate sweater

Next up, an Owl I knit for P, as owls are a bit of theme at P’s school. There was also a Bunny for M, but the photo was blurry, so we’ll save that for another time. Both were made in Cascade 220 and used less than a skein. The patterns (free on Purl Soho’s site) were designed for bulky wool but they worked out nicely in a smaller weight. The Owl was made with leftovers from my Frosted Alpine Hat actually, which was yet to be properly photographed. Hopefully Miss M didn’t lose it before I could take a proper picture.


And last, but not least, Coda! I finished this sweater before Christmas and have been wearing it quite a lot. Brooklyn Tweed seems a bit scratchy when you work with it, but I find it very soft and wearable next to the skin. I love this colour (Camper) too.



Coda is done! Sorry, no pictures yet, still blocking, but I tried it on unblocked and it felt great. I was a little worried about how it would all go together as the two pieces didn’t look like they fit quite perfectly, but with a little stretching and some locking stitch markers I pinned them and it worked. I’m not the best at mattress stitch, but it worked.

I am taking the liberating step of not trying to knit anything madly for Christmas. Though I am very tempted by the Purl Soho hedgehogs. But instead, I’m working a hat next…

Next up, a hat

I’ve been reading the Tanis blog a lot lately as I’ve frequently used her yarns – it’s one of my go-to worsteds. I got enamoured with a hat pattern she posted, and since Miss M requested a hat, I figured I’d give it a go. Ironically, I didn’t use Tanis Yarns this time – went for the workhorse Cascade 220.


I fell in love with this yarn at Knit City last year, and with another Knit City pending, I realized I better work my way through what I bought last year! I just love the crazy neons and how you can get a single stitch in one colour. It kind of reminds me of the crazy variegated acrylics you can get, but this is hand-painted loveliness. I hate knitting with acrylic, so this is as close as I’d ever get.

I started to knit a Purl Soho placket sweater. (Must add that I’m not convinced the pictures currently featured on Ravelry do it justice – it’s a very cute pattern and when I made it, the collar didn’t flare) But I had been a bit too casual about swatching it, and it turned out much larger than expected. Miss M announced she did not want another sweater, so I tore it out to make it for some more willing creature. The yarn, a Blue Leicester DK, knits up more like a worsted. I inadvertently blocked part of it by leaving it under the sprinkler, so I can confirm it puffs up nicely too. Anyway, I chose a worsted pattern instead, Abate, which has been in my favourites for ages. I bought three skeins so I am hoping I have enough left over to make some socks or a hat for ME.

Cool Weather Round-Up

It’s been cool weather again, so all the sweet summer shorts and dresses are being put away. But that’s okay… time for wool! Here’s my most recent project, Lush. It’s wee bit big I think — the 3/4 length sleeves are almost full length and the collar’s wide. But that’s okay — this girl is growing like a weed.


And here’s my Owlet. I finished it in the spring while on bed rest, but with our warm weather it wasn’t getting worn much. Now it’s back in action, so I’m glad I made the sleeves longer than required. I think it will see this little man through the winter.


And here it is being worn out and about. This photo was taken on P’s birthday at a heritage farm where they have two sheep named Sock and Sweater!


Last but not least – an O+S Forest Cape, made with blue wool suiting and a lining from the Liberty of London lifestyle collection (i.e. their quilting cotton.) Also some adorable ceramic buttons I got on Etsy – the top is a duck and the others are raindrops. This pattern is quite quick, and is perfect for this in-between fall weather.

Forest Cape

Here’s M actually modelling it. She insisted that C be in the picture too.

Forest Cape

More Gemini

Here are some more pictures of the summer Gemini sweater I knitted.  The Gemini can be worn either backwards or forwards, hence the name. Given the “twin” thing I thought it would be fun to pose with each of the twins.  Pardon the messy hair!

Gemini - One View

(with Cora)

Gemini - Other View

(with Bea)

I think I’ll wear it almost exclusively in the second (“Bea”) view, though I’ll have to think about what to wear underneath. A pretty camisole would work.  I love this pattern and love the fit too. I’m also sort of inspired to do a long sleeved wool version for winter, as it’s such a versatile pattern.

I’m also trying to knit one little sweater for each child this year. P has his Owlet – need to blog that soon as it’s been finished for months. I’m about a quarter of the way through knitting Lush for M, which has a lovely lace detail. And I’ll probably just do one simple pull-over and one that’s a bit more fancy for the twins, and they can trade off wearing each.  Then again, maybe I’ll skip baby sweaters and do baby pants.  Decisions, decisions.

My Grandmother’s Knitting

My sewing machine is in the shop for a week and wasn’t working for several days before that. I took it apart when a needle got jammed inside and somehow it didn’t get back together quite perfectly… err. I feel sort of naked without it, especially as I have a corduroy Sunday Brunch jacket all cut out and ready to sew, and a pajama pattern coming the mail, and we are moving in a month and I don’t know where to and in all likelihood we will living temporarily in a furnished rental where they may be no room for craft supplies. I am not stressed. I am not stressed. I am not stressed.

Since my own sewing is at a bit of a standstill, I thought I’d share this bit of knitting done by grandmother thirty-some years ago for my younger brother. Isn’t it darling with the little ducks? It is being worn again by my brother’s young son and suits him very nicely.

ducky sweater