Skinny Tee

I recently had my serger in for a much needed tune-up. I find I rarely use it these days as I almost prefer the neat look of pinking shears, or alternate methods were the seams aren’t even visible. But sergers are still pretty cool for knits, so I got all excited and downloaded Made By Rae’s skinny tee pattern.

Skinny Tee

I love the look on her site, but I think the jersey I used was kind of cheap… it stretched and didn’t go back to itself – see how the bottom is all wiggly?  I bought the fabric on Etsy ages ago.  And I had some ribbing too which I attempted to use for the collar; that was a struggle.  Does anyone have any tips on that?  My instinct is the ribbing should be slightly shorter than the sleeve (or neckline) width, since it stretches so much, but even after a bit of experimentation, I’m not sure I hit the golden ratio. My model is asleep (actually he’s in the midst of a coughing fit, poor thing)  but I also feel like the sleeves look too short.  And then to top it off J walked it and was all “Cute shirt?  Who’s it for?  M?”  Um, no it’s a size 5!

Ah well, hopefully it will look cuter in the light of day, and the wonderful thing about P is he will wear just about anything so long as you dress him, so I will get some use out of it.  If I’m right and the sleeves are too short, I’ll make it into a t-shirt.


Skinny Tee on Skinny Dude

Better in the light of day. The neckline is still a titch too wide for my liking, but that is because I had to cut it off once.