Summer Tank

Eventually this blog will, at least partially, get back to its crafting roots. Managed to fit in a little sewing time yesterday with Bea in a sling as I picked out fabric, and Cora in the Ergo while I sat at the machine. Sometimes their tag-team approach can be a good one!

The pattern is the oft-seen Wiksten Tank, a very simple pattern with some nice details, such as French seams. PDF patterns are perfect for those spur of the moment “I-have-a-second-to-sew” projects. I made it in some a lovely Lotta Jansdotter print I had been hoarding. Must work through some of my stash to justify more fabric purchases!

Wiksten tank

On this very warm June day, Bea and I can attest to the fact that there’s nothing nicer than a loose-fitting cotton tank on a summer day.

Wiksten Tank in action

Grassy Green Halter

I feel kind of like this shirt is my Moby Dick. I made it ages ago, but have yet to get a good picture of Miss M wearing it, partly because the weather has not been good this June (so there were few opportunities to wear a halter) and partly because she has become a bit more resistant to posing.

Grassy Green Halter

This pattern is a free one, and great for people just getting into sewing clothes. The construction is kind of nifty, and to keep it light and airy, the edges of the ruffle are left raw, but cut on the bias (diagonal) and secured with a seam to prevent too much fraying.

Pattern: Oliver + Ruffled Halter! FREE
Skill level: Novice (I am going to start saying Novice rather than beginner, because I work with very beginners just learning to thread machines and sew straight, and I wouldn’t suggest they tackle this kind of pattern)
Fabric:Some kind of green dot thing; can’t remember where; feels lighter than a quilting cotton. Quite possibly not 100% cotton.
Time: I can’t remember now, but in the range of 2 hours.