Treadmill Training

Can you believe we are STILL waiting on our walker? Tried to get it pre-approved through private insurance and waiting on that. In the meantime we finally, FINALLY got approved for government funding for kids with disabilities and are now going to pursue funding through that route.

Anyway, in preparation for our walker – which at this point feels almost mythic – we are doing some treadmill training. Little C managed 12 minutes on her very first go. I was worried she’d be a little turkey because she generally hates to participate in physiotherapy when I am there. But she was very interested in what was happening and quite enjoyed it. She tired out quickly though – her little legs getting stiff and less cooperative by the end. We’re hoping to get her up to half an hour on the treadmill. While much of our physio is at home, we go to the Centre for this since we need a treadmill and also a special hoist.