Sewing/Knit Kit

The wonderful thing about knitting is that even if you’re having one of those don’t-get-home-before-9 weeks, you can still fit in a little time to knit… on the bus, when your kid gets up at 5, or even walking along Hastings Street in heels.  I didn’t think it would be right to knit at a conference, though it was very tempting to do so under the table cloth.

But the projects take a little more time, so there’s less to blog about. I’m still plugging away my Purl Cap-Sleeve Lattice Top.

Apples and Oranges Sewing Kit

Last weekend I made this little sewing “kit.” One’s meant for sewing, and has a needle pad (you can see it “inside” the apple). I didn’t do the needle pad on the green one, as I plan to use it for knitting heart, like stitch holders and a darning needle.  This is a great little kit to toss in your purse for all that knitting or sewing on the go.

Pattern: Apples & Oranges Sewing Kit by the Straight Stitch Society
Skill level:; Not-for-the faint of heart. A bit finicky, and a zipper, curved seams and quilting techniques mean that I wouldn’t recommend it to a beginner. But loads of fun.
Fabric: All scraps – great scraps project!
Notions: Batting, zipper etc.
Time: Hm… don’t remember. I did it in fits and starts. Not very long though – I finished in a day and that was doing both of them. Probably under 2 hours.

Zippy Bag

Nothing fancy here – just a little zippy bag to hold my knitting supplies or a small project. On the front is a wee pocket to hold all those pesky accessories, like stitch holders and markers.

On the back is a little vertical pocket to stick an extra pair of knitting needles or circulars into. Put a little embroidery thread across the top for a fun embellishment.


I find I mostly knit on the bus, and too many times I’ll reach in to my purse to grab it and find it’s come loose from its needles. So it gets its own little portable pocket. P tried to co-opt this right away for his toys, but I hung on to my own bit of selfish sewing.