Introducing Crafty Friday

So I’ve been thinking more about how this blog is going to work. Part of it is just personal stuff – me writing a record to keep of my beautiful babies and life and so on. But I know that isn’t enough to sustain my blog, from past experience. So to keep me moving and motivated, I thought I’d have some “theme” days. Fridays are going to be crafty Fridays. There might be more craft stuff in between, or more recipes, or just a lot more blabbing about me. But without further ado, here is our first official Crafty Friday post.

To learn some quilting projects, I have been working my way through Denyse Schmidt’s book. She has a lot of great little projects in it, as well as some full size quilts. This isn’t the most glamourous one, but it is useful! I had some leftover batting and fabrics around, so I whipped this up to practice some machine quilting techniques. I tried my hand at freehanding on the back (which looks pretty bad), and did some purposely crooked lines on the front. I lined the inside with an old receiving blanket to add extra protection. I probably should have used some extra batting, because it’s not something I’d want to carry a hot plate across the room. But since I have a small kitchen it’s working fine, and it certainly looks better than the two burnt, stained mitts that used to be hanging on my stove!

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